March 18, 2014

Top Quality Air Conditioning Repair and Service in Fishkill, NY

One very common question we get a lot of in this industry happens to deal with air conditioning services. That is, people want to know if it is necessary to have your air conditioner unit services every year. The answer is quite simple; yes you should have your air conditioner serviced every year.
January 22, 2014

Split Ductless Systems Can Be A Wonderful Option for Older Homes

Central heating and air conditioning systems enable many homeowners in the Hudson Valley to maintain comfortable temperatures throughout the year. Families are discovering the benefits of ductless heating and AC systems as well. Also known as mini-split systems, these devices offer several advantages over central units.
January 21, 2014

Saving Money While Staying Warm

At Folkes Heating/Cooling & Burner Service, we are all about saving Hudson Valley residents money and keeping them comfortable. That’s why we love sharing our cost saving tips.