August 15, 2013

The Freedom of Hot Water Whenever You Need It -Yes, Whenever!

TANKLESS WATER HEATERS Know it or not, you plan your life around your use of hot water. Admit it — between showers, laundry, maybe a bath or two for the kids, running the dishwasher, not to mention a few relaxing minutes in your whirlpool tub — you organize your life (and your family’s) around hot water, but what if you didn’t have to?
August 1, 2013

Consider a Ductless System for AC and Heat When Adding a New Room

If you are building a new room in your home, consider the many benefits of a ductless system for heat and air conditioning. With a ductless system, you control the settings in your home one room at a time. This saves you a lot of money on utility bills because you don't have to pay for heating and AC in rooms that no one ever uses. A ductless system is also ideal if two or more people in your home disagree on what constitutes a comfortable temperature. You can set different temperatures for different rooms and everyone can be happy.
July 23, 2013

News You Can Use on Ductless Air Conditioning

Mitsubishi Electric’s air conditioning systems consistently make headlines for its innovative and technological advances in the HVAC industry. The company’s split zoning systems are ideal for cooling or heating entire homes and can be used as supplemental HVAC systems. Installation is a breeze with only three main components, including the indoor unit, outdoor unit and a controller. The units just need to be mounted, and the refrigerant and electric lines connect via a small three-inch hole to the outdoor unit. Focus has been on the advances to efficiency, the sophisticated filtration system, clever remotes, year-round comfort and tax rebates.