July 18, 2013

Need Cooling Solutions for Several Rooms? Mitsubishi Is the Answer!

As a homeowner seeking a greater level of indoor comfort, you may be wondering what the most economic and efficient way to cool one or many rooms in your home would be. Mitsubishi ductless room air conditioners offer an easy and affordable way to keep one or more of the rooms of your home cool while saving your money and helping to protect the environment. Whether you need to cool one room or several, Mitsubishi room air conditioners are an economic and efficient way to keep your home comfortable for your family, friends and visitors.
July 16, 2013

Why Should You Consider Ductless Air Conditioning?

Whether you are searching for an alternative to your ducted heating and air conditioning system or whether you need a more practical cooling system than your current window units, you will find that ductless technology provides exciting options. Affordability and efficiency both contribute to many homeowners' decisions to make the switch to a ductless system.
July 3, 2013

Your Garage Workshop and Ductless A/C

As a homeowner in the Hudson Valley, you may enjoy spending a significant amount of time in your garage workshop. Whether you work on your car, woodworking or some other type of hobby, the outdoor space can get a little uncomfortable during the cold winter months and the hot and humid summer months. If you are looking for a way to take control over the indoor environment of your garage, consider a mini split ductless system for heating and cooling. A mini split ductless system will allow you to spend all the time you want in your garage workshop no matter what the outdoor weather conditions are like. Consider these benefits to a mini split ductless system in your garage workshop.