June 20, 2013

Installing Ductless Air Conditioning

A SMART SOLUTION FOR MANY REASONS If your air conditioning system is no longer energy efficient or has become outdated, consider the many benefits of ductless air conditioning. Unlike your current central air conditioner or window unit, ductless air conditioning allows you to control the temperature in your home on a room-by-room basis.
June 18, 2013

A Ductless Split System AC in Your Home Provides Healthy Indoor Air

Many homeowners in the Hudson Valley NY area who own a home with centralized air-conditioning do not know that they can actually get better indoor air quality with a ductless split system. There are many advantages to a ductless split system that engender a much better environment for clean air. This article will list a few of those advantages after explaining the basic components of a ductless system.
June 13, 2013

Smarter+Cheaper+Environmentally Friendly = High Efficiency HVACs

The federal government has standards about most things, appliances like HVACs included. An HVAC system with a “high efficiency” label is one that has a higher efficiency rating than that which is required by the federal government. High efficiency HVAC systems deliver more heating and cooling per unit of energy when compared to a standard system.