June 12, 2013

Need AC in One or More Rooms?

As a homeowner seeking a greater level of indoor comfort, you may be wondering what the most economic and efficient way to cool one or many rooms in your home would be. Mitsubishi ductless room air conditioners offer an easy and affordable way to keep one or more of the rooms of your home cool while saving your money and helping to protect the environment. Whether you need to cool one room or several, Mitsubishi room air conditioners are an economic and efficient way to keep your home comfortable for your family, friends and visitors.
June 11, 2013

Why Should You Choose a Ductless Air Conditioning System?

From low operating costs to ease of installation, there are plenty of reasons to choose a ductless air conditioning system for your home or business. Ductless HVAC systems are highly efficient and offer customers unrivaled flexibility because they can be installed anywhere and customized for any building. These systems aren't just great for cooling off in the summer. They can handle all of your heating needs in the winter, which is more than any window air conditioner can do. Plus, multi-room air handlers allow up to eight individual controllers to be connected to a single outdoor unit for enhanced comfort in every room. Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating has been a leader in the industry for over 60 years, and today's systems are even better. Here are a few great reasons to choose a ductless air conditioner for all of your heating and cooling needs.
May 28, 2013

Asthma and the Benefits of Air Conditioning

What Air Conditioning and Asthma Have in Common Asthma is most commonly triggered by mold, pollen, and animal dander. For most of us, breathing in these particles is unavoidable, but the good news is that air conditioning units all contain filters that keep our particle intake to minimum. Air conditioning also helps eliminate humidity. Humidity feeds mold and algae to grow much more rapidly then it could if it were living in dry air.